Blinds Made Simple- Hunter Douglas

It’s hard to imagine blinds could be this much fun yet remain completely functional to your home.

Hunter Douglas has once again pushed the limits of window coverings without sacrificing quality or functionality.

To experience this new product visit our showroom and experience the benefits of the only Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer in Saskatoon. You’ll find the most comprehensive displays so you can feel the fabric of each blind while trying the different operating systems. You’ll work with Hunter Douglas trained consultants who will work to ensure you find the right product and colour for your home.


Saskatoon Blinds- Fashion For Your Home Windows


Regardless of when you read this blog, it’s safe to assume you’re close to a home or office window in Saskatoon. Take a moment to look at the window and the blinds that currently exist in that space.

Do the blinds control the light? Do they add style and fashion to the room?

Chances are you’ve never truly considered window coverings as part of your home’s fashion. But they actually play a key role beyond the control of light and privacy in a room. The Hunter Douglas Alustra blind collection provides the best of functionality and style for your home.

Watch this short video for several before and after pictures showcasing the fashion these high quality blinds create.

In Home Design Consultations

Do you ever sit in your home and daydream about all of the interior decorating changes that you’d love to make, but you don’t know where to start? If you’re like me, you might have a million pages torn out of magazines that show off styles that you like, but have no idea how to incorporate into your unique space. 

That perfect design combination of color, fabric, and texture is a challenge, and there’s a reason why designers are artists too. It takes practice, experience, trial-and-error, and a fearless attitude to bring your home from just being functional, to also being beautiful. This is where we come in. 

We believe that Windows, Walls & Floors are the foundation of every great space. These three elements set the tone for all other design considerations, and when well-thought-out can serve as a base to help you express your style. Our job at Braid Flooring and Window Fashions is to help you pull these elements together so that your home can express your style and meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle. 

An in-home consultation is a great way for you to show us your space and explain your vision. We come armed with samples, swatches, and creativity to help you to achieve the space you’ve always wished for. 

Why choose an in-home consultation?

  1. Most of us are visual learners: It’s easier for you to explain your ideas when we’re in the space with you, and it’s easier for our designers to understand what you mean about that unique wall or distinctive nook when we can see it first-hand.
  2. Colors change based on the environment: Seeing the samples and swatches in your home and in the light that is normal for your space ensures that the colors you choose turn out exactly like you want.
  3. Your living room doesn’t travel well: It’s a lot easier for us to bring the showroom to you, than for you to bring your living room to us.
  4. Sometimes it’s easier to make decisions in the comfort of your own home, without too many choices to create confusion. You can visualize your future space, much more easily when you’re sitting in your present space.

Take a moment to request an In-Home Consultation and let us do the rest for you. You won’t be disappointed.


Maple Hardwood Flooring- How can you identify quality?

In Saskatoon, people often ask, how could maple hardwood be priced so differently from one store to the next? They look the same and feel the same, but one is much more expensive.

It’s a fair question and often the answer a consumer receives is more confusing than the quadratic formula. The truth is they are not the same product. Let’s look at maple hardwood and find the keys to determining quality. 

1. What species of maple is it?

There are two generally accepted maple trees used to produce hardwood.

The first species is Hard Maple. This tree grows large and slow allowing it to mature over a long period of time. The slow growth provides a very dense and hard wood which is perfect for flooring. The dense wood stands up to normal household conditions without denting and scratching as much as other softer woods.

The second commonly used tree is Silver Maple. This tree grows rapidly in marshy areas. The ability of this tree to grow quickly means that the wood is much less dense compared to hard maple making it less desirable for flooring. The Silver Maple is classified as a soft wood which means it will dent, scratch and warp easily when put to the test of normal living conditions. The ability to grow this tree quickly means it can be sold as ‘maple’ at a much lower cost.


What to ask a retailer- What is the species of maple?


2. What is the grade of the wood?

Every manufacturer provides a grade of wood which basically determines the amount of variance from board to board.

There are two grades commonly used in today’s market.

  • Select and Better
      • This grade has nice clean boards with minimum streaks and veins creating a subtle and consistent look.


  • Antique or Seconds
      • This grade has many variations from board to board creating a very unique and rustic look. Veins and knots are more visible within the boards.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard to determine the grade from one manufacturer to another. A manufacturer can associate their product to any grade they want, making it confusing to consumers. The variation in a select and better grade from an entry level maple will contain dramatically more variation then that of a high end product. The ability to use boards with greater variation also contributes to a lower price.

What to ask a retailer- Can you open a box and visually show me the variation?

Don’t be shy about asking some tough questions of the store you’re looking to buy from. If the store is providing quality products at fair prices, they should be able to answer these simple questions. If you’re not comfortable with the answers you receive, keep looking until you find what you’re looking for. Flooring is a substantial investment in your home and you should be comfortable and confident it will meet the demands of your home.


For more information on quality hardwoods, visit Mirage Hardwoods, the number one brand in hardwood.

Mudroom Flooring

Snow and rain paired with kids in Saskatoon creates a real challenge for homes! Mudrooms are growing in popularity to provide functionality and style. 

You’ll notice in each one of these examples provided by Houzz, the flooring is different. We share this to illustrate the variety of flooring options available to you. Regardless of the style you’re looking to create, Braid Flooring & Window Fashions can find a solution for your home. 

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