The Benefits of a Free Flooring Consultation

Flooring consultationAt Braid Flooring and Window Fashions, we offer high quality products and services. A convenient part of this high quality service is a flooring design consultation. We offer a complementary consultation service provided by one of our design consultants. These consultants can give you the knowledge and tools you need to make your remodel as successful and stylish as possible.

During your ‘Creative Meeting’ with one of the design consultants, you’ll discover many possibilities for your remodel from a person who’s highly knowledgeable about flooring designs, textures, the use of space, colours, and materials. However, the benefits of working with a designer from Braid don’t stop there! Our team can help streamline your design plan while making your flooring renovation less expensive, less time consuming and less stressful.

Streamline and Organize Your Project

Having inspiration and aspirations for your design is great, but there isn’t much you can do if you don’t know how to properly organize your project. A flooring consultation from a professional can help turn your ideas into a doable action plan. Design consultants from Braid can help you simplify and prioritize the remodeling process into easy to follow steps.

Cut Your Expenses

Many of us see pictures of homes we like in design magazines, and truthfully, those images often feature high quality, high style products that cost significantly more. This means that the look you love may fall outside of your price range and budget, but a Saskatoon flooring consultant from our team can help by showing you design options and styles that are similar to the style you want, and yet still affordable. Plus, we’ll be able to show you where the bulk of your budget should be spent, and help you distribute your money as wisely as possible during your remodel.

Save Money and Eliminate Confusion

Flooring redesign projects can be just as complex as other types of remodels. For the rookie designer, these projects can require a lot of research about design points that you just don’t understand. Plus, there may be project pitfalls that you won’t know to anticipate. These things can be very time consuming.

However, a consultant can advise you on certain design elements and project points to focus on, while giving you tips for preventing common design pitfalls. The information your consultant gives could cut your renovation time in half. Besides that, after just one Creative Meeting with one of our design consultants, you’ll receive recommendations for features that might compliment your design, budget and lifestyle.

A flooring consultation can be a highly valuable step, especially if this is your first flooring experience. At Braid Flooring and Window Fashions, our design consultants are here to help you understand the entire process and to ensure your project is a great success. Call us to book your consultation!


Top 4 Carpet Trends of 2016

Carpet trends for 2016For most homeowners, the way their flooring looks and feels matters. This is especially true if that flooring is carpeting. Carpeting is designed to provide warmth and comfort, but that doesn’t mean it has to be lax on style. The style of a carpet is so important to the atmosphere and design of a room that it can be found in an abundant array of colours, styles and fabric blends. However, just like fashion, carpeting trends change from year to year. So, here are the top 4 carpet trends for 2016:

Area Rugs and Runners are Popular

Especially if you have kids, hardwood flooring can be a little difficult to maintain. The use of area rugs and runners, however, does make it a little easier to keep your floors in good condition. Another complaint is that hardwood floors can sometimes be noisy, but area rugs help cut down on the creaking and squeaking that sometimes occurs as your wood floors age. If you want to protect your hardwood from scratches, ensure your area rug lasts longer and stays in place, use a pad underneath the rug, as well.

Love for Moroccan Trellis

Moroccan Trellis or Quatrefoil seems to be advertised everywhere. Moroccan trellis and geometric designs like it are so huge that you can find them on pillows and window treatments, as well as runners and area rugs. A mix of greys and blue/navy are the most popular colours for this trending design.

More than 50 Shades of Grey

Grey carpeting is enormously popular, right now. The neutral and universally attractive colour seems to contrast very well against trending dark wood flooring. It’s also practical because it has the ability to hide dirt better than some other colours. Many manufacturers are adding more grey combinations to their carpet selections, which means more options for grey in Saskatoon carpet stores.

Pet Friendly Carpeting

Those of us with pets will be happy to know that there are now ways to enjoy beautiful carpeting without worrying that Fido or Fifi will destroy the flooring. Carpet manufacturers have found new ways to protect against pet traffic with stain and odour-resistant carpeting. These carpets can also release pet hair and prevent static electricity buildup, so vacuuming is also easier. Some carpets also have waterproof backing in case your pet has an accident on the floor.

If you’ve got questions about some of the products you’ve seen at Saskatoon carpet stores, or would like an estimate for the installation of new carpeting in your home or office, please give us a call.

Maple Hardwood Flooring- How can you identify quality?

In Saskatoon, people often ask, how could maple hardwood be priced so differently from one store to the next? They look the same and feel the same, but one is much more expensive.

It’s a fair question and often the answer a consumer receives is more confusing than the quadratic formula. The truth is they are not the same product. Let’s look at maple hardwood and find the keys to determining quality. 

1. What species of maple is it?

There are two generally accepted maple trees used to produce hardwood.

The first species is Hard Maple. This tree grows large and slow allowing it to mature over a long period of time. The slow growth provides a very dense and hard wood which is perfect for flooring. The dense wood stands up to normal household conditions without denting and scratching as much as other softer woods.

The second commonly used tree is Silver Maple. This tree grows rapidly in marshy areas. The ability of this tree to grow quickly means that the wood is much less dense compared to hard maple making it less desirable for flooring. The Silver Maple is classified as a soft wood which means it will dent, scratch and warp easily when put to the test of normal living conditions. The ability to grow this tree quickly means it can be sold as ‘maple’ at a much lower cost.


What to ask a retailer- What is the species of maple?


2. What is the grade of the wood?

Every manufacturer provides a grade of wood which basically determines the amount of variance from board to board.

There are two grades commonly used in today’s market.

  • Select and Better
      • This grade has nice clean boards with minimum streaks and veins creating a subtle and consistent look.


  • Antique or Seconds
      • This grade has many variations from board to board creating a very unique and rustic look. Veins and knots are more visible within the boards.

Unfortunately, there is no industry standard to determine the grade from one manufacturer to another. A manufacturer can associate their product to any grade they want, making it confusing to consumers. The variation in a select and better grade from an entry level maple will contain dramatically more variation then that of a high end product. The ability to use boards with greater variation also contributes to a lower price.

What to ask a retailer- Can you open a box and visually show me the variation?

Don’t be shy about asking some tough questions of the store you’re looking to buy from. If the store is providing quality products at fair prices, they should be able to answer these simple questions. If you’re not comfortable with the answers you receive, keep looking until you find what you’re looking for. Flooring is a substantial investment in your home and you should be comfortable and confident it will meet the demands of your home.


For more information on quality hardwoods, visit Mirage Hardwoods, the number one brand in hardwood.

20 Minutes to Revolutionize Your Home


We all have that one room in our home that lacks the design and decor we dream of. Closing our eyes we imagine the perfect wall colour not a shade out of place, the stylish blinds framing the rays of sun as they enter the room, and the beautiful hardwood floor bringing the colours and textures together.

We are going to help you get started with a complimentary 20 minute in store colour consultation. In just 20 minutes, you will be on your way to defining your space and here’s the best part. 

When you book a 20 minute in store consultation, we are going to enter you for a prize package that will include:

  1. 2 Gallons of Farrow & Ball Designer paint
  2. 1 roll of Farrow & Ball Designer wallpaper          
  3. A $200 gift card for Hunter Douglas blinds
  4. A $200 gift card for Mirage Hardwood Floors
  5. A 1 Hour in home colour consultation to help bring it all together

Visit our website and book an in store consultation on Saturday January 23rd between 1-5pm. Upon confirmation of your appointment, gather pictures, fabric swatches, pillows, and anything else related to the room you want help with.

You will have full access to our Saskatoon showroom to view Farrow & Ball paint, Hunter Douglas blinds, and a variety of flooring options.


Mudroom Flooring

Snow and rain paired with kids in Saskatoon creates a real challenge for homes! Mudrooms are growing in popularity to provide functionality and style. 

You’ll notice in each one of these examples provided by Houzz, the flooring is different. We share this to illustrate the variety of flooring options available to you. Regardless of the style you’re looking to create, Braid Flooring & Window Fashions can find a solution for your home. 

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