Interior Design Trends and Ideas to Revitalize Your Home this Spring

fresh spring design ideasInterior design can be fickle, but there are some trends that stick and some that fizzle out before they even become hot. One thing is for sure, giving your home a fresh look will never go out of style. And, there’s no better time to update it than the spring.

The spring is about brightness and freshness, so decorating your home with bright, new window treatments and flooring will keep you in line with the feel of the season. Not sure where to start? If  you need some ideas, this is where home design trends come in. Trends in window treatments and flooring might be just what you need to help your home look ‘spring forward’.

Jewel Tone Curtains

Jewel tone fabrics are a popular trend that have spilled over to various aspects of décor, including window treatments. Using bold colour in window treatments is a hot trend that is surprisingly spring-friendly. It’s spring-friendly because jewel tones are basically spring colours with a deep, rich makeover. They’re deep jewel hues of colours, such as emerald, turquoise, amethyst, sapphire and jade – all tones that can bring a pop of colour to any room. These days, jewel tones don’t mean gaudy and foreboding, they mean bright, beautiful and bold – a perfect way to describe the spring.

Natural Wood Bamboo Blinds

Sustainability is a trend that has inspired many other trends and design ideas. One such trend is bamboo window blinds. Bamboo and woven blinds are affordable, sustainable window treatment options that are making waves in the home décor industry. The blinds are made of natural bamboo, which is durable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. They’re perfect for filtering light and provide a warmth and uniqueness that many window treatments just can’t provide.

Neutral Grey Flooring

The colour grey is trending across the design board, because it’s neutral and hides dirt well. These are both pluses for flooring designs. Grey flooring of all types is taking the world by storm, and spring is the perfect time for you to get in on the action.

The mild temperatures of spring provide optimal working conditions for your contractor. All you have to do is pay a visit to your local flooring and window fashions experts, Braid. Then, let one of our design consultants explain how versatile the colour grey is, how well it goes with white baseboards, how many flooring options are available and how bright it will make your home this spring.

Wood-Like Flooring

Hardwood flooring will always be popular, but it will always be more expensive, as well. Therefore, wood-like flooring options are on the rise. With the use of laminate, tile or vinyl, you can get the look and feel of hardwood without the price or maintenance. Additionally, this flooring trend can be combined with the trend of using blonde-coloured flooring to create a cool, modern and light design that will simultaneously update your home and show that you’re ready for the spring.

Ready to add a little ‘spring’ style to your home? Give us a call to schedule a consultation in which you will learn all about the design ideas that will perfectly suit your style needs.

In Home Design Consultations

Do you ever sit in your home and daydream about all of the interior decorating changes that you’d love to make, but you don’t know where to start? If you’re like me, you might have a million pages torn out of magazines that show off styles that you like, but have no idea how to incorporate into your unique space. 

That perfect design combination of color, fabric, and texture is a challenge, and there’s a reason why designers are artists too. It takes practice, experience, trial-and-error, and a fearless attitude to bring your home from just being functional, to also being beautiful. This is where we come in. 

We believe that Windows, Walls & Floors are the foundation of every great space. These three elements set the tone for all other design considerations, and when well-thought-out can serve as a base to help you express your style. Our job at Braid Flooring and Window Fashions is to help you pull these elements together so that your home can express your style and meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle. 

An in-home consultation is a great way for you to show us your space and explain your vision. We come armed with samples, swatches, and creativity to help you to achieve the space you’ve always wished for. 

Why choose an in-home consultation?

  1. Most of us are visual learners: It’s easier for you to explain your ideas when we’re in the space with you, and it’s easier for our designers to understand what you mean about that unique wall or distinctive nook when we can see it first-hand.
  2. Colors change based on the environment: Seeing the samples and swatches in your home and in the light that is normal for your space ensures that the colors you choose turn out exactly like you want.
  3. Your living room doesn’t travel well: It’s a lot easier for us to bring the showroom to you, than for you to bring your living room to us.
  4. Sometimes it’s easier to make decisions in the comfort of your own home, without too many choices to create confusion. You can visualize your future space, much more easily when you’re sitting in your present space.

Take a moment to request an In-Home Consultation and let us do the rest for you. You won’t be disappointed.


Farrow & Ball Paint and Wallpaper


At Braid Flooring and Window Fashions, we’re constantly on the lookout for new products to excite our customers. Recently we took a step towards revolutionizing the buying experience for home decor products when we introduced Farrow & Ball paint and wallpaper to Saskatoon.

Farrow & Ball was founded in Dorset, England in the 1930s. While other paint manufacturers quickly adopted cheaper, acrylic paints, Farrow & Ball favoured the original formulations with natural ingredients.  Even today, each can of paint is hand-mixed in England, quality-controlled and tested, and treated like an old family recipe.  Clay, chalk, resin, and water create a zero-VOC, all-natural product, resulting in the most environmentally-friendly paint on the market. This means that you can paint your bedroom in the afternoon, and sleep in it that same evening, with no off-gassing or scent.

Each colour of paint comes from a variety of inspirations which ensures designer friendly names and colours. Instead of plain old gray, you get to decide whether Mouse’s Back or Dove Tail fit your preferences better.

Another stand-out characteristic of Farrow & Ball paint is that the colours stay true day and night.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably painted your home before and been disappointed with the outcome: What is perfectly beige in the sunlight suddenly looks pink after dark. Farrow & Ball’s product is unique in this regard: All Farrow & Ball colours look the same in full daylight as they do by lamplight.

The unique characteristics that Farrow & Ball is known for extends into the wallpaper line too. Where other manufacturers use ink, Farrow & Ball uses their own traditionally-created paint. This means that each design, applied to eco-friendly FSC-approved paper, is unmatchable in quality, texture, and strength. 

I could go on at length as to why Farrow & Ball is such an interesting company, offering unrivalled products, but, let’s summarize why you might find it a worthwhile investment:

  1. Environmentally Superior:  Even paints that claim to be non-VOC still contain chemicals in the latex and acrylic bases. If you’re worried about chemical exposure, Farrow & Ball’s water-based, clay-formulated products are without comparison from an environmental perspective.
  2. Convenience: There is no lag time or “airing-out” period with Farrow & Ball. Paint in the afternoon, sleep there in the evening.
  3. Labour-savings: Farrow & Ball is easy-to-apply and a gallon of paint covers a greater area. 
  4. Versatility: Use Farrow & Ball paint on walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.

We invite you to come into our showroom to see the rich colours and patterns for yourself. We love Farrow & Ball for the incredible quality of their products, designer-focused colours, and artisan standards that are still present in every can of paint, and we have no doubt that you’ll be thrilled with the end result too.


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Spacious rooms provide the ideal type of environment for any area of your home. If you want to make a room seem bigger, there are many things that you can do. One thing that you should remember when trying to maximize the space of the room in your home is that everything counts towards how your room looks and feels, and this is particularly important when you want to make a room seem more spacious.


Use Bright, Light Colors on Walls, Moldings, and Trim

First, you can paint the walls in light or bright colors because the walls will become more reflective. This will give the illusion that the space has more depth. It also creates an open and airy atmosphere. You can also paint moldings and trim a lighter shade than your walls, which will make the walls appear as though they are set further back.


Choose the Right Furniture to Compliment the Space

Furniture can be a great addition to any room, but you should choose carefully to ensure that the furniture fits the room well and will make it seem more spacious. Clean lines tend to make rooms look bigger, and any large pieces should always be placed against the wall if possible. If you can find pieces of furniture that are the same or a very similar shade to the walls, this will help them blend and widen the room.


Let in the Light

Natural light can also make a room look bigger. If you choose sheer window coverings, this will allow you to maximize the amount of light that you see in the room, which can automatically give the eye the illusion that the room is bigger.


Keep it Tidy

An organized, tidy room also appears much bigger than a room filled with clutter and knick-knacks. To maximize your space, remove any clutter and make sure that the room means clean and tidy. You should also minimize the amount of pictures that you hang on the wall, as this can make the space seem more closed. One large painting in the room works to maximize space better than many paintings.


Choose a Large Flooring Pattern or No Pattern at All

Your flooring should also have a very large, simple pattern rather than a small one. 24×24 inch tiles are better to make a room look bigger because you will see a larger tile and fewer grout lines. If you are using carpet, consider a texture without a pattern. For hardwood floors, consider using wider planks from 3 1/4th inch to 5 inches.



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