Inspiration: How to make a small room feel bigger!




Spacious rooms provide the ideal type of environment for any area of your home. If you want to make a room seem bigger, there are many things that you can do. One thing that you should remember when trying to maximize the space of the room in your home is that everything counts towards how your room looks and feels, and this is particularly important when you want to make a room seem more spacious.


Use Bright, Light Colors on Walls, Moldings, and Trim

First, you can paint the walls in light or bright colors because the walls will become more reflective. This will give the illusion that the space has more depth. It also creates an open and airy atmosphere. You can also paint moldings and trim a lighter shade than your walls, which will make the walls appear as though they are set further back.


Choose the Right Furniture to Compliment the Space

Furniture can be a great addition to any room, but you should choose carefully to ensure that the furniture fits the room well and will make it seem more spacious. Clean lines tend to make rooms look bigger, and any large pieces should always be placed against the wall if possible. If you can find pieces of furniture that are the same or a very similar shade to the walls, this will help them blend and widen the room.


Let in the Light

Natural light can also make a room look bigger. If you choose sheer window coverings, this will allow you to maximize the amount of light that you see in the room, which can automatically give the eye the illusion that the room is bigger.


Keep it Tidy

An organized, tidy room also appears much bigger than a room filled with clutter and knick-knacks. To maximize your space, remove any clutter and make sure that the room means clean and tidy. You should also minimize the amount of pictures that you hang on the wall, as this can make the space seem more closed. One large painting in the room works to maximize space better than many paintings.


Choose a Large Flooring Pattern or No Pattern at All

Your flooring should also have a very large, simple pattern rather than a small one. 24×24 inch tiles are better to make a room look bigger because you will see a larger tile and fewer grout lines. If you are using carpet, consider a texture without a pattern. For hardwood floors, consider using wider planks from 3 1/4th inch to 5 inches.



Hunter Douglas Gallery- Blinds


In 2006, we expanded our showroom to offer Hunter Douglas blinds. Soon after, we were selected as the exclusive Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer of Saskatchewan.  Today, years after our first introduction to Saskatoon, we’re thrilled to be partnered with them and want to share some of the reasons why with you. 

Hunter Douglas developed its first lightweight aluminum blind in 1946, and has spent nearly seventy years pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality in window coverings.  Perhaps most famous for its top-down, bottom-up shades, Hunter Douglas’s strategy really flows much deeper than that. 

Passionate about building the highest-quality, custom-made window coverings, their products provide solutions that are practical, safe and stylish; but, they’re also in touch with your needs. In 1985, the Duette® honeycomb shades were developed in response to the existing energy crisis, while most recently, the Pirouette® blinds were designed to combine classic fabric sheers with the ability to control light. Hunter Douglas is committed to privacy and light control, energy efficiency, innovation, and child safety; but also to style and design. 

At Braid, our partnership with Hunter Douglas is visible the moment you step into the showroom. As the only Gallery Dealer in Saskatoon and first in Saskatchewan, we have retail space dedicated to the company and fully-functional displays that you won’t find anywhere else. You can test out the products, see how they work, and make your choice with confidence. 

Installing window fashions in your home is an investment. At Braid, we hold the industry leading 20-20 Guarantee on Hunter Douglas purchases. After we’ve installed the blinds, live with it for 20 days. Then, you have another 20 days to tell us if you don’t like it. If there’s a problem with the style, colour, or anything else, Hunter Douglas will provide new blinds of your choosing at no charge (See the details).

As a key component of home comfort and one-third of our Windows, Walls, and Floors philosophy, we want you to love your window fashions, and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with Hunter Douglas in your home. 

We invite you to come in and see these innovative products and experience why Hunter Douglas is a leader in the industry.  

Inspiration: Where to begin when planning your new floor!



With a new year upon us, this is the year you’re finally going make those renovations.

Choosing new flooring and window fashions for your home can be a daunting process. If you keep it simple and remember these few tips, you’ll find the process simple and dare I say it…..FUN!


What Are You Trying to Create in the Space?

First, you want to envision what the space will look and feel like once it’s all complete. Are you looking to replicate a cathedral from the Renaissance era, create a modern Feng Shui feel, or something that just feels cozy? 

This picture in your mind will help guide you through the next steps. If you need ideas, collect magazines and search the web. Create a ‘vision’ board which shows exactly what you are thinking. 

This step is all about creating your vision for the space. Don’t think functionality or price just yet. 


Consider the Amount and Type of Traffic in the Area 

The second step is to determine how functional the materials need to be in order to hold up to the routine of your household.

The amount of time that people and pets spend in the room is very important when considering a specific type of floor. Some materials are designed to withstand Tonka Trucks and lounging dogs, while others are better suited for socks only. Is the space used for cooking, lounging, or serving a formal afternoon tea?

The traffic will determine the type of materials you’ll need, but it will not determine the look you’re trying to create. Man made materials have evolved to mimic natural products beautifully. If you want the look of Walnut flooring but need the durability of laminate, you can find it! 


Consider the Size of the Space

With a larger, more spacious room, you can really get creative with your choices.  Large format tile, herringboned hardwood; there is no limit. With a smaller room, you will need to be more creative with the styles, patterns, and textures you use in order to create a comfortable space. 

The best part of this whole process is we are here to help! Bring in your ideas and we can guide you through this process. In the end, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the final product.


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