Braid Flooring & Window Fashions’ Flooring Selection

flooring selectionBraid Flooring is one of the best places to find flooring in Saskatoon. We are flooring experts who offer samples from and access to the top manufacturers. Our complementary in-home consultations/Creative Meetings are unique and designed to help customers find the best flooring for their homes and spaces. At this one-stop shop, you’ll find elegant hardwood, durable laminate, unique cork, warm carpet, stylish tile and functional commercial flooring.

What Braid Flooring Offers

Braid offers access to all types of flooring. Our selection includes: hardwood, cork, tile, carpet, vinyl plank, commercial, laminate and even area rugs.

Hardwood Selection: Hardwood is charming, chic, durable and sophisticated. It has levels of warmth and aesthetics that are unmatched by any other option. Braid Flooring has many hardwood options available; from exotic Tigerwood or Acacia to sophisticated cherry or walnut.

Cork Selection: Cork is unique, attractive and functional. It’s also hypoallergenic, soft and pliable and acts as acoustical and thermal insulation. Braid offers cork in various colours and styles.

Tile Selection: Tile is some of the most versatile flooring with a range of materials and styles. It’s so versatile that it can be used in backsplashes, showers and fireplaces. Braid offers stone and ceramic tiles in a wide array of designs and styles.

Carpet Selection: Warm and comforting, carpet is some of the most popular options ever. No other flooring is available in so many styles, colours, designs and materials. And, Braid is the Saskatoon carpet store, with more colour and material options than any other retailer in the area. Not to mention, we offer extra-large carpet samples and Ultra Life products.

Vinyl Plank Selection: Vinyl Plank is a hardwood alternative that’s becoming more and more popular. At Braid, you’ll find vinyl plank flooring in a variety of colours and style. Plus, an in-home consultation can help you find the plank size that’s best for your space.

Commercial Flooring Selection: With its selection of stylish, highly textured and durable products, Braid Flooring makes choosing high-quality commercial flooring easy. Our commercial specialists are experts in commercial products and the market, with the knowledge to provide solutions for any industry.

Laminate Selection: Laminate is another incredibly versatile option, with manufacturers offering a wide variety of modern and traditional designs. It’s also the top hardwood alternative, as it looks chic and sleek, is durable and affordable. Braid Flooring is a laminate retailer with a stunning and full selection of laminate in various designs, styles and colours.

Area Rug Selection: The right area rug can update, bring warmth to or ground any space. Area rugs are available in a variety of fabrics, colours, styles and designs, such as plush shag or vintage oriental. However, you’ll find a lot more when you visit our showroom, because we have one of the largest selections of area rugs in Saskatoon.

Be Satisfied with Your New Vinyl Plank Flooring with an In-home Consultation from Braid Flooring

vinyl plank flooring optionsPlank vinyl or vinyl plank flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options. As wood flooring grows even more in popularity, so does its replications. Vinyl is becoming a top ‘wood-like’ flooring material. This is attributed to the fact that manufacturers have improved the look, feel and durability of vinyl plank. Finding the right plank vinyl flooring, however, can be complicated. Fortunately, Braid Flooring offers in-home consultations to help you shop for and find the right flooring for your space.

What Does a Braid Flooring Consultation Offer?

When you purchase flooring through Braid Flooring, you’re entitled to a complementary, in-home flooring consultation. The consultation or Creative Meeting is designed to help you find flooring that fits your space, home and style. You can schedule a meeting online or by calling Braid directly. After your meeting has been scheduled, a Design Consultant will come to your home, evaluate your space and show you the options and prices for plank vinyl flooring.

Pricing Options

During your in-home consultation, the consultant will go over all your pricing options and make the best recommendations based on your budget, room design, chosen colour, existing flooring or subfloor, wants and needs. Just keep in mind that Braid Flooring offers the most high-quality plank vinyl, which means your choices will be attractive, sleek, modern and competitively priced.

Choosing the Right Look

Braid Flooring streamlines the process of shopping for plank vinyl flooring. So, your consultant will explain all your colour and dimension options. You can choose whatever colour, width or length you like, but be aware of the average widths and lengths. Wider planks are easier to install and extremely popular right now. However, the average width is 6 inches, and the average length is 48 inches.

The Design Consultant will explain this to you, as well as discuss design options. Most plank vinyl flooring comes embossed, but there are also options that look antique or distressed. Embossed planks are the most common option, but your consultant will discuss which option is best, based on your style.

Shopping for vinyl plank flooring can be stressful and confusing if you don’t know what to look for. However, a free Creative Meeting from Braid Flooring can alleviate your stress and provide the vinyl flooring education you need. Besides that, the consultant can help you find the colour, size and style that fits your space and personality. Give us a call to book your consultation today!

Spring Flooring Trends for 2017

spring flooring trendsFlooring is a major element of a home’s design. Good flooring can make a room look better, feel better and even function better. Every so often, notable flooring trends emerge and the past few years has brought about a lot of progression in flooring. The year 2017 is set to see its fair share of spring flooring trends. Here are some highlights:

The Rise of the Wide Plank

As the popularity of smaller homes continues to grow, so does the popularity of bigger or more exaggerated design elements. Exaggerated flooring, such as wide plank wood and laminate, can make a small space look larger and more spacious. However, wide plank flooring is also offered in tile and vinyl, as well. It’s a great way to update your home because it looks expensive, elegant and modern.

Big Moves for Format Tile

Using large format tile to make a room look larger is another major flooring trend. Not only do they make a room look larger, they also provide an attractive, clean, modern look and reduce the amount of grout lines that are visible. It’s, of course, the perfect fit for kitchens and bathrooms. You can have the traditional ceramic or vinyl tile installed or go with a nice modern, sleek porcelain option.

Flooring That Looks Like Wood, But Isn’t

Flooring that mimics the look and feel of wood is a hot commodity today. In fact, this is quite possibly the greatest flooring trend of 2017, and most likely because wood-like flooring has undergone some major advancements and changes. Wood-like flooring once sounded hollow and looked unattractive and unfinished, but now, it’s solid, durable and chic. Vinyl, tile and laminate have all been improved to look and feel more like wood, and are now worthy alternatives. Additionally, they’re easier to maintain and less expensive, which means you can have the look and feel of hardwood flooring without the maintenance or price.

Okay With Parquet

Parquet is an acquired taste, so it struggles to make it to the top of any list of desired flooring options. Plus, some see it as outdated and or even tacky. However, parquet really only has a bad rep because it’s often associated with a few particular outdated patterns, such as the Chevron.

Truthfully, parquet just means any geometric pattern. This means it doesn’t have to look a certain way. So, you could design your parquet flooring in any geometric pattern you like or stick with the most popular trend of herringbone parquet flooring. The best part is, it can now be designed in wood, tile, vinyl, laminate and more.

If you want to revitalize your home or office with new flooring, give us a call and let’s schedule a consultation where our design experts can help you find the spring flooring trends that are right for you.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Home

Choosing flooringToday, there’s no shortage of flooring options to choose from. Just a quick search on an online catalogue can bring up literally thousands of styles, colours, materials and more. If you don’t know where or how to begin to choose the right flooring for your room(s), you can quickly become overwhelmed.

Thankfully, quality flooring providers, like Braid, offer professional consultations and there are some basic guidelines that can streamline the decision-making process. These guidelines include:

  • Considering the maintenance required for the flooring
  • Choosing flooring that’s in line with your budget
  • Accounting for additional costs
  • Considering the durability of the flooring
  • Considering the room where the flooring will be installed

Maintenance Requirements

The time and money you have to spend on the care of your flooring should be taken into consideration. For example, carpeting requires a lot of maintenance, such as the occasional professional cleaning and frequent vacuuming. Maintaining a carpet can be time-consuming and costly, so if you don’t have the time or money, you should probably consider other options.

Laminate, hardwood and ceramic tile can be low-maintenance and affordable options. Additionally, consider staying away from marble, as it can be expensive to install and maintain, hard to clean and easily damaged.

Watch the Budget

Before you purchase any flooring, you should calculate how much you have to spend on the flooring itself, its installation and future maintenance. Keeping your budget in mind will automatically narrow down your flooring options. So, if you can’t afford wood, perhaps laminate is a better choice, as its cheaper and just as stylish and functional as wood.

Additional Costs

When purchasing flooring, it’s common to only focus on the cost of the material while totally overlooking installation and other expenses. Depending on the type of flooring, installation can actually cost the same or more than the cost of your material. Many flooring types require professional installation, which means additional costs.

If you don’t have your flooring professionally installed, it could lead to improper installation, costly repairs and possible replacement. If you’re unsure, you should always take advantage of a free flooring consultation.

Consider the Durability

The importance of durability in flooring is oftentimes overlooked. Flooring is not durable just because it’s designed for the floor and heavy foot traffic. Materials such as certain woods, marbles and tiles can be prone to scratches, dents and other forms of damage. On the other hand, carpeting is prone to excessive staining and collecting dust and allergens. However, not all materials are created equal, so the specific type you choose will depend on the traffic in your room(s) and your personal needs.

Consider the Room Where it Will Be Installed

It’s common to use different flooring types in different rooms. For instance, using ceramic tile in the bathroom and kitchen and hardwood in the living room and dining room. The flooring chosen for each specific room will depend on the material’s wear and tear, traffic in the room, the probability of moisture exposure and maintenance needs. These factors and a bit of common sense should help you narrow down your choices.

There are many flooring options on the market, but the one you choose should reflect your personal taste and requirements. For some people, a home consultation for flooring can be very beneficial. If you’re ready to discover which flooring options will work best in your home, call us to schedule an appointment.

The Pros and Cons of Carpeting on Stairways

Choosing Carpeting for StairsCarpet on the stairs is a common feature in many homes. It stacks up well against the wood alternative, and provides a level of comfort only carpet can offer. However, carpeting on the stairs, like carpeting in other places, has its advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons include factors such as, carpet cleaning, the price of the carpeting, stair safety and adhesive methods.

Pros of Carpeted Stairs

Not everyone likes carpeting on the stairs, and most of the time, the decision to place carpet over wood is based on personal preference and style. But, there are times when the decision may be based on the many benefits of stair carpeting, which include, style and comfort, noise reduction and safety.

  • Style and Comfort: Carpet adds a touch of warmth to a home that makes it cozier and more inviting. The colour can be chosen to match or complement your home’s décor, such as the furniture, other flooring, curtains and other accents or the walls.
  • Noise Reduction: Wood stairs typically creak under the pressure of feet, but carpet can remedy the problem of noisy stairs. This is especially needed if you have a house full of kids who may run up and down those stairs all day long and make a lot of noise.
  • Safety: Wood is slippery, and wood on the stairs can be dangerous in a home with children and the elderly. For this reason, carpet is the better choice, as it will greatly reduce the chance of a slip and fall that could cause serious injuries. Carpeting provides a softer landing, no chance of slipping on spilled liquids, less slipping and less injuries.

 Cons of Carpeted Stairs

Carpet on the stairs has its advantages, but it doesn’t work for everyone and every home. There are some issues with carpeting that can make it less attractive for some, such as its cost and installation, the damage it causes to the wood underneath and the difficulty of keeping it clean.

  • Installation and Cost: The better the carpet’s quality, the more expensive it will be, and you’ll want to have the best carpeting you can afford installed on your stairs. You may have to pay more to ensure that you get the safest, most durable carpeting. Installation can be expensive and complicated, as well.
  • Damage to the Wood of the Original Stairs: Carpet is installed using adhesive glue, industrial staplers or wires. Any of these things can cause permanent damage to the wood below. If the carpeting is ever removed, the stairs below will definitely have to be refinished, which is another major expense.
  • Hard to Keep Clean: Carpet is not the easiest flooring type to keep clean, especially in high traffic areas. There aren’t many areas more high traffic than the stairs. This means that you’ll be doing a lot of vacuuming, spot removal and deep cleaning. Wood stairs simply require occasional sweeping and mopping, which is way less maintenance than what is needed to keep carpeted stairs looking nice and clean.

If you’ve got questions about carpeting stairs, or you’re looking to redo the flooring on your stairs, get in touch with us.

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