4 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Blinds

Choosing blindsCurtains, drapes, blinds, and other window treatments play a big role in the functional side of a room, and believe it or not, window treatments have the ability to make or break a room’s overall appearance. This is especially true if those window treatments are blinds.

In the past, blinds were often plain, unattractive, and only available in a few styles and drab colours. Today, however, much of this has changed. Blinds not only look good, but they’re often reasonably priced and quality blinds function exceptionally well. If you’re considering blinds, make sure you know how to choose the right ones for your home. Check out the tips from our Saskatoon blinds experts, below.

Do They Make a Statement?

Blinds can make a subtle or dynamic statement in a room. They can add drama with bright colours or create an atmosphere of modern sophistication with clean lines. The blinds you choose can either complement your room perfectly while making your windows an attractive focal point or they can stick out as an odd addition to the décor. You just have to know how you want them to complement your décor before making a final decision. Pleated, aluminum, or cellular/honeycomb shades or blinds are all known for being simple yet bold, and visually interesting.

Do They Enhance Insulation?

The right blinds can actually improve a home’s insulation and help decrease energy costs. Unbelievably, 25% of energy loss can be attributed to poorly insulated windows with poor window treatments. Aluminum or wood blinds are excellent at preventing hot or cold air from escaping or entering a room and add a certain warmth to the atmosphere. However, the cloth of cellular, solar, and Roman shades is the perfect material for additional insulation – and they’re stunning.

Do They Control the Light?

Too much sunlight through a window can quickly heat up a room, cause fading in carpeting and furniture, and even television glare. This can be damaging and frustrating, especially if your window treatments aren’t doing a good job of controlling the light. Blackout or light filtering blinds are good for controlling the light in a room.

Kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are best served by light filtering blinds while blackouts would be best used in bedrooms. Solar blinds filter light while protecting you from harmful UV rays. They’re also easy to operate, as they roll up with rollers instead of ropes. Vertical and pleated blinds are also viable light filtering options. Beautiful blackout options are Roman and cellular shades or aluminum blinds.

Do They Function Well?

Traditional mini, pleated, cellular, Roman, solar, sheer, and aluminum blinds all roll up to allow a clear view of the outside world and allow more light into a room. However, vertical and wood blinds don’t roll up and only allow a limited amount of light into the room when opened. Additionally, most blinds operate on a rope system, which can be confusing and frustrating. On the other hand, other types, like solar/rollers and exterior blinds operate on rollers, which are much easier to use than the traditional rope pulling system.

The blinds you choose should be the perfect match for the style and functional needs of your home or business. Not sure which blinds are best? Stop into our location and speak to the Saskatoon blinds experts on the Braid Flooring and Window Fashions team. Speak to one of our design consultants to find the perfect solutions for your window treatment needs.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wood Flooring

Different types of hardwood flooringWhile wood is one of the most popular and attractive types of flooring, people often don’t know what they should be looking for in a hardwood floor, or what exactly makes one type different, better, or worse than another.

Learn about the pros and cons of some of the most common types of wood flooring.


Walnut is a beautiful choice for hardwood flooring. It’s straight-grained and the colours range from yellow to chocolate brown. Part of the beauty with walnut is the colour variation found from board to board, however, you can stain the wood to create a more consistent look..

One downside to walnut is it is a softer wood making it prone to dents and scratches. However like all hardwood, this enhances the beauty and character over time.


Cherry wood is known for its blond to reddish-brown colouring. It’s commonly used for chairs, cabinets, and tables, but it looks great as a hardwood floor, as well. A major pro for cherry is that it looks amazing when stained, although it still looks rich and beautiful when left unstained.. The downside of cherry is that it is a softer wood and will dent and scratch quicker,


Oak is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring. It comes in two varieties: red and white oak. Red oak ranges from light brown to pinkish hues, and comes in water-like or swirling patterns. On the other hand, white oak has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow spots and rays.

Oak is one of the most durable hardwoods. A clear-coat of urethane will highlight the distinctive grain of the wood. It’s also one of the most attractive and notable wood flooring options.

Depending on how you look at it, a con for oak is that it’s almost too popular, meaning it can be found in many homes. This means that if a homeowner is looking for wood flooring that stands out, oak may not be the unique look they’re after. For some people, another con is that staining oak can cause the wood to darken, which exaggerates the grain and makes it look two-toned. Those considering this hardwood should ask a Saskatoon flooring expert about the different options that are available for staining.


Maple is another popular wood flooring option. This is because of its hardness and durability. The flooring can look beautiful for many years with not many or any scratches, stains, or dents. It’s also one of the most affordable wood types.

The creamy white wood can also be stained to look like more expensive hardwood, such as mahogany or cherry. However, a major downside to maple is that the stain can look uneven or blotchy.

If you have questions about hardwood flooring, give us a call. We are Saskatoon flooring experts and we sell and install a wide range of beautiful wood flooring for homes and businesses throughout the area.

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